Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apportionment Ballots

Neil Pliskin, PhD 
Neil Pliskin, PhD
Neil Pliskin, PhD

President, Society for Clinical Neuropsychology

In a few weeks you will receive an apportionment ballot from APA. This is the method that determines division and state representation on APA’s Council of Representatives. You will be provided with 10 votes for allocation, and I strongly encourage you to allocate ALL of your votes for SCN/Division 40 (or at least 6/10) so that clinical neuropsychology can maintain its strong representation in the APA Council.

Although various issues confront our field as a whole, we know that reimbursement for assessment and treatment services is one area that we can all agree demands more attention from APA, along with other issues related to specialty practice.  Apportionment of ballots is the way that we get neuropsychology’s voice at the table.  Representation by APA on national healthcare issues is one of the biggest ways we have of influencing the process, and the number of representatives to council we have is essential to effective influence.  Our council members have been doing an excellent job representing our interests, but there is indeed strength in numbers, and SCN is well-positioned to gain a better foothold within APA. I strongly urge you to allocate your votes for SCN/Division 40 to maintain and hopefully increase our representation within APA. Remember, every vote counts!

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