Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nominations for Fellows

Nomination to become an APA Fellow is an honor that recognizes evidence of unusual and outstanding contribution to or performance in the field of psychology that has had impact beyond a local, state, or regional level (i.e., national or international impact). Election as a Fellow is an honor not only for the individual but for the Division as well, and we welcome the nomination of outstanding division members for this distinction who have made substantial contributions to the field of neuropsychology.

Criteria: Evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions in the field of neuropsychology may be demonstrated in diverse ways reflecting the diversity of career and practice roles performed by neuropsychologists. Supporting letters and the candidate’s self-statement should clearly and specifically identify the candidates’ unusual and outstanding qualifications that have advanced the field, and should not be summary statements about the candidate’s general competency. Examples of contributions in Clinical Neuropsychology of interest to the Committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supporting specialty recognition through board certification in Neuropsychology (e.g., ABPP/ABCN)
  • A record of scientific and/or clinical accomplishments published in respected peer reviewed journals
  • Authorship or editorship of a major psychology textbook(s)
  • Federal grant support
  • Senior level lectureships/invited presentations
  • Journal editorial or reviewer responsibilities
  • Elected and volunteer positions in professional or academic organizations
  • Evidence of outstanding teaching and/or innovation in clinical neuropsychology
  • History of mentorship of students and early career colleagues
  • Development of innovative therapeutic applications
  • Other evidence of outstanding contributions that have a national or international impact

Nominations of Initial Fellows: The nomination procedure for an SCN member applying for Fellowship is outlined on the division website listed at the end of this notice. Application requires the completion of a "Uniform Fellow Blank," which is available on the SCN website.  A minimum of three endorsement letters are required, preferably from current APA Fellows who can address the nominee’s accomplishments in the area of neuropsychology.  Other requisite supporting materials include a current vita, a listing of the nominee's publications with "R" for refereed indicated, and the nominee's self-statement setting forth the accomplishments that warrant Fellow status in SCN. SCN strongly encourages women and minority members to apply for Fellowship.  

Nominations of Current Fellows: APA Members who are already Fellows in other Divisions may also become Fellows in SCN/Division 40. The same nomination materials as are required for initial fellow appointments must be submitted. Nominees should demonstrate their specific accomplishments in the area of neuropsychology.

Submission of Materials: All nomination materials should be completed and submitted to the Division's Fellowship Committee Chair listed below (not APA Central Office) by December 1, preferably as electronic pdf or Word files. Those nominees supported by the SCN Fellows Committee will be forwarded to the APA Fellows Committee for consideration. Successful nominations are announced in August the following year after the APA annual meeting. Nomination materials can be obtained from the APA website listed below.

APA Fellow Forms url:

A John McSweeny, JD, PhD
Department of Psychology MS#948
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, OH 43606-3390



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